As a busy mom, I can tell you taking care of five kids is really hard. Especially. when all five of them are home from school even on the weekend. What is a work at home mom like me to do?  Well here are some fun activities to keep your little ones occupied during the short break.

a kid searching for something with a pair binoculars

1.Scavenger Hunt

Whenever your 5 or 52, Scavengers Hunts are so fun. It’s a great way for your kids to learn about the about their environment, teach them problems solving skills, and if have enough children you can split the kids into teams. They will learn so much about teamwork which is vital for a growing child.  And the prep work for a Scavenger hunt takes almost no time at all.

A kids in a pillow fort or a mountain of pillows

2.Pillow Forts

Do you remember having pillow forts as a kid? Well, my kids love them. They are super easy to build, and pretending like you are camping on a rainy day is fabulous. These days kids have tablets and laptops so they when they are tuckered out they can just get cozy in their little fort.  My kids love them, and they are constantly sneaking away all of my pillow and cushions!

a little boy carrying a homemade guiatar made out of a box and some string

3.Create Your Own Musical Instruments

My four-year-old Irish twins always got a play microphone up to their lips belting out loudly their favorite hits. They love to play rock star, so if they love music (and what kid doesn’t love music) a great way to occupy them is to have them make their own instruments out of recycled items. it’s a great way to help the environment (reduce, reuse, recycle)!  They will have a blast and if it gets too loud I recommend headphones to drown it out as they play.

a little boy holding a movie clapper

4.Create A Movie

In the same theme of the previous activity, this is super fun to make your own movie. Everyone has at least a camera phone these days and your kids can play dress up and play make-believe. This is a great way to make memories with your little ones that you will cherish for a long time to come.

a little boy playing hopscotch


Sometimes, the old games are the best. I loved playing hopscotch as a kid. It’s a great way to teach your little ones how to count and it will diffidently knock out some of that energy. Also, the chalk is super cheap to buy, and you can also use it to draw on the sidewalk. Now, when you do this don’t forget to use the hose to wash off the chalk at the end of the day.

a family playing a board game

6.Game Night

My family just did this last weekend and it was so fun.  We basically get a ton of snacks and then we play games.  Our favorite is Candyland.  I always end up losing because I am not that great at the games (yes, one can lose at Candyland).  Monopoly is also a huge favorite in our house even though the game can take forever. However, if you don’t want to pay a lot for a board game, go cheap with some simple card games.  In our house,  the game to be won is Gin Rummy.  However, if you want something more educational I will always say that Old Maid is the best. Old Maid is really awesome with helping young kids with their memory and cognitive skills.

two kids in pajamas playing pillow fight

7.PJ Party

This can be a part of the Game Night or separate.  You can all get into PJs and just hang out and watch movies.   I honestly have way more fun just watching movies with the kids then getting out of the house and taking the trip to the movies.  If you are on the geeky side like me, It’s a really a great way to expose your older kids to your old favorites such as Star Wars, Sailor Moon, and the comic book heroes you love.

two kids having a picnic near river

8.Have a Picnic

Picnics are super fun and I love having them on a sunny day. However, you don’t have to leave your house. a take an old blanket or even a sheet and head outside on the front lawn.  If it’s a rainy day, take it inside and have a picnic Irish twin is always taking their dollies on a picnic. They will use any type of blanket, duvet, or even a towel for a quick picnic.  Also, picnics are awesome for tea parties and such.

And those are my weekend activities that will make your weekend a WHOLE lot better!  Do you have any activities that you do with your kids? Let me know down int he comments!

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